The 42-year-old woman recently gave birth to her 20th child – a remarkable achievement for this family.

Sue Radford recently gave birth to her 20th child. At 42, she explains that this was her last pregnancy and she doesn’t want any more babies.

Sue met her husband when she was 7 and had her first child when she was just 14 – back then they never imagined they would have 20 children.

The second child came when she was 17.

During the pregnancy, they hoped that the number of boys and girls might be balanced, as they have 10 boys and 9 girls so far – but the new baby was also a boy.

The British family shared the happy news on their Instagram page. The new arrival is healthy and happy.\

In addition to their 20 children, they also have 3 grandchildren, as their second eldest daughter Sophie has already given birth to 3 children.

The family spends around £300 a week on food. The father supports the family with his own pastry shop.

Your home includes 10 bedrooms. Everyday life with such a large family is demanding, but they are very happy and full of love.

They are grateful for their numerous children.

A big family means a lot of work, but that doesn’t bother her.


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