McDonald’s Shows Receipt: Customers Are Furious

There’s a guy at TikTok who doesn’t like McDonald’s because he thinks the prices have gone up too much.
He was surprised to see that his usual meal, a BLT Smoky Double Quarter Pounder BLT burger, large fries and Sprite, cost more than $16 when he went to the nearest McDonald’s.

Is it just me or does food cost more these days? It’s a shame that getting food, which used to be cheap, now costs a lot.
The cost of living has gone up in the U.S. due to high inflation over the last year. This is because the prices of things like food and energy have gone up a lot.
Americans used to think McDonald’s was a safe place to eat cheap.

Some people who make videos on TikTok, like Christopher Olive, have oddly said that this might not be true.
So Christopher was shocked when he saw that his meal cost a whopping $16.10 on the bill.
Some people think that $16 is too much money for a hamburger.

However, it’s important to remember that when costs go up, the way food is made and served changes, and so prices go up.

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