The little red tattoo may be recognizable to a few people, but most of them who have seen it previously are probably unaware of its meaning
The meanings that various people attach to their tattoos and other body art can vary greatly. Certain areas celebrate things that other places wouldn’t tolerate. For instance, a
Random Act of Kindness: Iowa Waitress’ Touching Gesture Towards Breastfeeding Mom Sparks Empowerment
Jackie Johnson-Smith was at an Iowa pizza parlor for a family dinner when she was met with unexpected kindness. Posting a receipt of the dinner bill on Facebook,
Reflections of the night: unveiling the ritual of covering mirrors
Nightly Rituals: Covering Mirrors Transition: Initially skeptical, I located myself intrigued a single night as conversation turned to the apply of covering mirrors at evening. Cultural and Superstitious
This is a true miracle! A man captured a luminous figure shining through the clouds: Many say it looks like Christ the Redeemer
We could probably all attribute some experiences we have during life to a higher power. Some things are just too perfect or perhaps too coincidental to simply happen
“Real-life King Kong”… The hairiest man is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.
His unusual qualities are noted in the Guinness Book of World Records. We present Yu Zhenhuan, the hairiest man in the world and a unique individual from China.
At first glance, it’s a normal snapshot like millions of others. But there’s one ‘but’
When her daughter graduated seventh grade, a proud mother wanted to film the moment right in her own garden. The girl’s mother would have never anticipated such a
The Child Says “Mom” in the Funniest Way: worth seeing
A little boy surprised his parents and the internet world when he said “mommy” in a way his mother described as “almost demonic.” irish mom, Maiken Woll Eide,
“More than just a woman, a goddess” – 60-year-old Moore without a bra outperformed her younger rivals
What does the number in your passport mean to you? Agree that regardless of biological age, one can look beautiful, youthful, and not lose interest in life. So
A discarded chest of drawers, stumbled upon by a girl in the trash, underwent a remarkable transformation into a stylish furniture item
I’ve finally realized a long-held notion with the chest of drawers. I thought it would look fantastic on our porch, where it could hide the accumulating junk and
This little object was likely a big part of your social life if you were a teen in the ’60s and ’70s. Do you know what it is yet?
Roller skating is a pastime that generations of kids and adults have enjoyed. The first use of roller skates were said to be in a London stage performance as early