A case that remained unsolved for 20 years has finally been resolved
In 1997, at the age of 18, Celeste Nurse woke up in a Cape Town maternity ward to discover that her newborn had disappeared. She had dozed off
Born without a nose, this is what 10-year-old Tessa Evans looks like
Tessa is strong and living her best life eight years after being the first person to receive nasal implants. She won’t let her situation stop her from “doing
A son took his mother to a nursing home and visited her only from time to time
Not having enough time, a son took his mother to a nursing home and visited her only occasionally. One day, he received a call because she wasn’t feeling
The mother visits her 6-year-old son during lunch, only to realize he has been ‘publicly humiliated’ by his teachers
A 6-year-old child from Grants Pass, Oregon, arrived late to school in 2015. Due to family vehicle issues, the mother, Nicole, knew that young Hunter would likely have
Our thoughts and prayers accompany Willie Nelson in these difficult moments
Willie Nelson holds a highly esteemed place in the world of country music, celebrated for his lasting influence on the genre. His artistic legacy, alongside the collective contributions
Never throw away the water in which you boiled the eggs… you would be surprised to know what it’s good for
Recently, several studies have been conducted, after which specialists have concluded that the water in which you boiled the egg should not be poured away. Proprieties of Water
All the people who knew her laughed at her after someone took a picture of her falling inside the supermarket
“Perhaps you’ve seen the video of the woman who slipped and fell in the store. This happened in 2012. The photo went viral after the addition of text,
A 98-year-old woman from Kentucky, who has over 230 great-great-grandchildren, meets her great-great-great-grandchild for the first time in a stunning photo featuring 6 generations
The 98-year-old matriarch finally got to meet her first great-great-great-grandchild in her large Kentucky family. Last February, MaeDell Taylor Hawkins held seven-month-old Zhavia Whitaker for the first time.
Mom is fighting for her 8-year-old son to keep his long hair despite the schools’ refusals.
School rules are something everyone can relate to, whether one has pleasant or bitter memories of their own school days. Some rules, such as not wearing jewelry during
A desperate couple adopts triplets — Then the doctor talks to them about the new ultrasound
Sarah and Andy Justice tried for a long time to start a family. However, fate had other plans. The couple from Tulsa, Oklahoma, exhausted all options. They tried