The famous beauty model who conquered the world

A few years ago, British media bestowed upon Nastya Knyazeva the title of the most beautiful girl in the world.

Now she is 12 years old. She has her own Instagram page, managed by her mother, which has gathered over a million followers.

Nastya is not only very beautiful, but she is also artistic and feels comfortable in front of the camera. She receives numerous offers for photo shoots from famous brands, and some artists invite her to appear in their music videos.

Just a few days ago, Nastya’s mother posted new photos on her page where she looks quite different, all because of her signature bangs being swept back.

Анастасия Князева – биография, фото, карьера, родители 2023 | Узнай Всё

Of course, there are those who consider Anastasia to be an ordinary child and do not see incredible beauty in her, but the majority of her followers regularly shower her with compliments and kind wishes.

Что стало с самой красивой девочкой мира Анастасией Князевой

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