Look at how the child of a 26-year-old woman who is 1.2 meters tall looks: Impressed by her appearance

Twenty-six-year-old Valery jokingly calls herself an “emblem.” This 26-year-old woman stands at just 109 cm tall. However, despite her unique characteristics, she managed not only to become famous throughout the country but also to find feminine happiness by becoming a mother.

In 2017, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Eva, despite doctors’ attempts to dissuade her. Doctors were concerned about the mother’s health condition. Such an effort could have had a negative impact on her legs, and she could have easily ended up in a wheelchair.

Thanks to her small stature, Valery entered the record book two years ago. Now she is the smallest mother in her country. By refusing a surgical procedure that could have been performed solely for aesthetic reasons, Valery has no regrets, as she can walk and move independently. But the smallest mom admits that as she ages, the pain in her legs intensifies. It is also difficult to carry her growing four-year-old daughter, who has already caught up with her in height. Despite her apparent disability, Valery leads a full life, works as a nail technician, and even got married.

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