This guy decided to send his mom a photo of his girlfriend, but he missed one important detail on the bed

Tennessee’s Maison Vallance wanted to send his mother a picture of himself and his girlfriend, Madison, wearing the top she had purchased for her.

Madison happily posed for the picture, which Maison forwarded to his mother. However, he thought it was so adorable that he shared it on social media as well, not understanding that there was a background information he would want to keep hidden from his followers.

He said, “Meghan is too gorgeous not to post this picture, but I took it to let my momma know I found the shirt she got me.”

When a female friend pointed out the “detail,” Maison was thrilled with the picture he had shot and regretted not having taken more time to review it before posting it online.

More detailed inspection of the image will reveal crimson ropes draped over the headboard behind Meghan’s head.

Maison was frightened that his mother would see the ropes in the backdrop.

After realizing his sincere “mistake,” Maison chose to make the most of the circumstance and cracked a joke by sending out a lighthearted tweet that had his followers laughing heartily.

Don’t you think these two form a really beautiful couple?

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