What animal! Hiker Found Giant Snake Next to Creek in South Carolina

A hiker recently found a giant snake in Jeffries Creek Park in Florence.If Indiana Jones had seen him, he would have turned around quickly.Meredith Langley reported the discovery of the snake-shaped object on her Facebook page, which she shared with the South Carolina Hiking Club.Langley did not fail to mention that the snake was completely integrated into its natural habitat.
In her post, Langley wrote, “This was a great educational opportunity and a good example for my own children who forget not to walk in front of me on hiking trails!”

Biologist Greg Lucas of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources described the brown water snake (genus Nerodia) as immortal.The thick, muscular body makes the water snakes described by Luke appear larger than they really are. According to him, the maximum size of water snakes is between 30 and 60 centimeters.Langley says he and his children encounter copperhead snakes every week while walking around the neighborhood. He added that water snakes and water moccasins are common in the area.

He estimates the snake Langley saw was at least six feet long at full size.

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