Wait until you see the inside of this house made by a man from a plane.

64-year-old retired electrical engineer Bruce Campbell has always had a keen eye for invention. In his first twenty years, he invested $23,000 in 10 acres of forest near Hillsboro, Oregon, and he had a plan. He built a very unusual mansion for himself using an old airplane and a sizable plot of land.Stay tuned to discover the inside! Please scroll further down this page to see more.

Innovative Plan

Campbell has always enjoyed dismantling and putting things back together to create something new. He wanted to use this plot of land as a base for the house he planned to build for himself from a collection of retired cargo ships. Campbell believed he had created a completely original design for a house, but later discovered that a structure quite identical to his had already been built. He discovered Mississippi hairdresser Joanne Ussery about twenty years after conceiving his plan. She had converted a Boeing 727 into his residence. He made the decision to rebuild as an airplane after his old house burned down and to move next to a quiet river. After thinking about it, Campbell decided to change his plan of action.

It also made significant changes in some other aspects. Continue reading the article to discover more about Campbell’s plane house and to see more photos.

Boeing 727

Campbell paid a staggering $100,000 in 1999 to Olympic Airways to purchase a Boeing 727. When he originally purchased the massive plane, he had to move it to the woods of Oregon. The fact that the plane had to be brought from Athens, Greece, added difficulty to the situation. He paid $220,000 for the jet after calculating the approximate total transportation cost of around $120,000. But he considered the money he spent on the jet to be worth it.


While we’re not sure if we’d want to live on this plane like Campbell does, we’re certainly in awe of what he was able to do! Check out this cool looking airplane. Achieving such significant success must feel incredible.

Watch the video below to see the entire interior of this amazing airplane house:

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