Two students bought this old couch from a market and took it to their dorm room

Two young women from the United States decided to create a more homey atmosphere in their college dorm room by purchasing an old couch from eBay for about twenty dollars.
After doing a little amount of cleaning on it and placing a cover over it, the two were content with the transaction despite the fact that the upholstery was unclean and smelled foul.

Since it was not worn out, the bargain was satisfactory.

On the other hand, the young women were sitting together one night watching a movie when they suddenly became aware of an odd sensation beneath their bottoms.

When they took the cushion covers off, they couldn’t believe what they saw.
There were other envelopes stuffed with money that were hidden there, and when they were discovered, the total amount that they recovered was forty thousand dollars!
The young ladies were able to return the money because one of the envelopes had a phone number written on it, which they found in one of the envelopes.
They were indebted to the elderly lady for selling them the couch, and she voiced her appreciation to them.
These are the savings that my spouse has worked hard to amass over the course of his entire life. Unfortunately, he passed away, and I had to spend some time in the hospital as a result of my condition
The elderly woman admitted her guilt and said, “My children sold the couch without asking me.

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