This morning, an 18-year-old woman gave birth, refused to accept the baby, called a taxi and left the maternity ward.

When I went to the maternity ward in the evening with contractions, my husband and I were impatiently awaiting the arrival of our fourth child. At that time, our family was already “desperately large”.

My second and third boys are twins, although there are no twins in our family history. During my next pregnancy, the biggest joke in the family was, “What if it’s twins again?”

Our grandparents were very surprised and had to help us a lot at first. Thanks to an ultrasound, we were able to find out if they were twins or not during the second screening.

But no, the fourth “ninja” arrived alone. Finally everything was behind us. They put me up in a private single room that my husband and I paid for in advance.

A few hours later, they brought my baby to me to feed him. After a few minutes, the head doctor came into my room and said with a worried expression: “We have a problem here…

This morning, an 18-year-old woman gave birth to a girl, wrote a refusal to take the baby, called a taxi and left the maternity ward.

She could barely walk after giving birth, but she didn’t want to stay another minute in the hospital. We had to let her go.

The baby is so beautiful and healthy. I know you wanted twins so bad. – I thought maybe you could take the baby with you?

– We can write that you gave birth… – I just don’t want to send the baby to an orphanage. What kind of life is this for a baby? This breaks my heart… Of course it’s illegal.

You can go through the official adoption process, but it takes months and there is no guarantee it will be approved. – And all this time, the baby is in an orphanage.

It’s a shame… To be honest, I was stunned… I knew the head nurse, Lyubov Stepanovna, quite well. She was a pleasant and very friendly woman. We also talked outside the maternity ward.

This is probably why she approached me with this “slippery” suggestion.


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