This man adopted an “unusual” daughter

This man named Luca had always dreamed of becoming a father. But he had no personal life and nothing was working.

In the end, he decided to adopt a little girl from the orphanage. But unfortunately the little one had some problems.

From the day he fell asleep, it turned out that he had a serious illness.

It took a long time to sort out the adoption process and it wasn’t that easy for one man to raise all this and take care of the child.

It turned out that the birth parents had abandoned the child immediately after birth.

And the people who wanted to adopt her didn’t want to know about the little girl’s illness.

However, the man was not intimidated by the difficulties and took responsibility.

He dedicates all his time to the child to make him feel like other normal children.

The little girl is now an adult and developing quite well.

His father discovered the ability to write and published a book that was well received by the people.

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