This 12 children and one dog recognized for their crime-fighting exploits

Any child can become a hero, thanks to a group of child “human arrows” who led the police to burglars on our big expedition.

The teenagers, nicknamed the “Tremendous Twelve”, made a name for themselves on the Internet after brilliantly constructing a human arrow to guide a police helicopter to two suspected burglars on the run. They also traveled with their faithful dog, a Yorkshire terrier named Molly, just like Enid Blyton’s fictional characters. The children, who first spoke to the Mail on Sunday about their incredible experience, said yesterday: “We’re so proud, it was incredible.

When they saw the helicopter circling around them, they were on an Easter egg hunt in the middle of a field near Capel, Surrey. They were between six and twelve years old. He went on to explain that despite their efforts to shout and scream for the helicopter to turn towards the man, it was actually pointing in the opposite direction.

Two of my classmates then commented, “Let’s get on the spire,” and we descended to the ground. The guys saw the helicopter arrive after resting in the mud for a minute

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