The woman who gave birth to seven children at the same time: her appearance after 25 years

On November 19, 1997, married couple Bobby and Kenny McCaughey became known worldwide when Kenny gave birth to seven children in one day – four boys and three girls.

The news of this medical miracle spread all over the newspapers as nothing like this had ever happened before. What’s special: All seven were born healthy.

Before the birth of daughter Michaela, Kenny had difficulty getting pregnant for a long time. That’s why they decided to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF).

There have been known cases of twin or triplet pregnancies in the medical world, but this family was seven times as lucky.

Kenny delivered the children nine weeks prematurely, and each weighed about one kilogram.

There were some complications; Nathan and Alexis had developmental delays. Due to the diagnosis of cerebral palsy, the children had to undergo several operations.

The family received support from all over the world. A nonprofit foundation offered them housing with individual bedrooms, free college education and meals. Even George W. Bush visited her.

But when the children were ten years old, the family withdrew from public life. Kenny Jr. is aspiring to become a civil engineer and is currently attending college in Des Moines.

Alexis May, who had to undergo several surgeries to be able to move her legs independently, wants to become a teacher and attends the same college as her brother Kenny, although in a different department.

Kelsey Ann shows talent as a future pop star. Although she was born weighing less than one kilogram, she has a remarkable and powerful voice.

She already sang in the school choir and is now studying at Hannibal Lagrange University.

Natalie Sue aspires to become a teacher too. A smart girl, she made it to the list of top graduates and then studied with her sister at Hannibal Lagrange University before becoming a teacher.

Nathan Roy, who like his sister Alexis has cerebral palsy, wants to become an IT specialist.

Thanks to operations, he can now move without help and is studying at the same university as his sisters, but in the field of computer science.

Brandon James is in the military and chose to join the army instead of going to college.

He is now active as an infantryman.

Joel Steven has a dream of becoming a programmer.

He was the last child born and is now mastering the basics of computer science at the same university.

The parents still can’t get used to the fact that their once full house is slowly emptying out, but they are proud that their children are following their dreams.


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