The woman gave birth to identical quadruplets: this is what they look like today

Multiple pregnancies are rare: the probability of having twins is estimated at only 2% and that of having quadruplets at one in tens of millions. However, miracles do happen.

Fourteen years ago, at her first ultrasound, Julia discovered that she was carrying four embryos in her uterus at the same time. The situation was complex because the children were developing in the same placenta and there was no guarantee that they would be healthy at birth.

After a cesarean section, it turned out that all the girls were in good health, although two of them initially had low birth weights, which quickly normalized. What was remarkable, however, was not only that Julia gave birth to quadruplets, but also that all four girls bore an uncanny resemblance to each other.

This resemblance has been maintained over time, and the girls are constantly mistaken for each other.
The girls themselves are happy with their situation, as their common appearance has gained them some popularity. They have already received offers to work with various clothing brands.

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