The voices of Andrea Bocelli and her daughter break the 6 million barrier by singing “Hallelujah”

Italian opera singer Andrea Bocelli recently released a wonderful song on his YouTube channel with the help of his 8-year-old daughter Virginia. They made a world-famous hit, and their YouTube show alone has already exceeded 6 million views.

Andrea Bocelli, 62, sang Hallelujah for the first time with her daughter Virginia, performed by Canadian singer Leonard Cohen.

The song was released in 1984 and is still considered one of the world’s biggest hits.

Andrea Bocelli and her daughter Virginia performed at the Teatro Reggio in Parma, Italy, and the video garnered over 6 million views on YouTube.

Listen to Andrea Bocelli and her 8-year-old daughter Virginia sing beautifully. The song will definitely seduce you

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