The mother is exhausted and the steward takes care of the baby: the images warm the heart

A trip is a sensory experience: we are transported by magical places and moments, we experience incredible adventures. Of course, there are not only trips to heavenly or breathtaking destinations, but we generally associate the idea of ​​departure with a moment of happiness and relaxation. But there are also those who constantly travel for work and not to go on vacation. Either way, whatever the motivation, traveling requires a certain degree of preparation and organization: sometimes it can be extremely stressful.

This is the case of the woman in this story who, struggling with her small child, found herself in difficulty.

Carolina Lemos Cortez was on a plane during the flight from Sao Paulo to Belo Horizonte, and next to her was her 5-month-old daughter.

The woman was struggling with all the countless tasks that always “accompany” a parent, especially the mother of a young child. Between packing her luggage and all the “clutter” associated with items intended for the care and entertainment of a baby, she was very busy.

She was so overwhelmed that she couldn’t find a way to eat breakfast: she had just been served, but “only” two hands were not enough to eat her meal and take care of her little one at the same time, who had started to throw a tantrum. She was exasperated, exhausted.

That’s when his “savior” arrived: steward Mauricio Félix. He noticed that the mother was having trouble juggling her baby and was trying to get a bite to eat, so he simply intervened.

He offered to hold the little one so Carolina could eat breakfast in peace , then helped her again when she had to collect her things.

A seemingly very kind gesture, but which marked a real turnaround for the woman: a moment for her, a break, peace. She was so touched and grateful for the man’s gesture that she decided to take a photo and post it online, but she didn’t expect it to generate a myriad of comments and reach dozens thousands of people!

Many were positively surprised and applauded this small gesture, yet so significant.

Carolina herself dedicated a long post to thank the kind steward from the bottom of her heart: “For me, attitudes like Mauricio’s are  the embodiment and representation of what compassion means ,” she finally said. concluded. What do you think ?

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