The baby was just two months old when the Robinsons were awakened one night by a loud bark

The Robinson family began preparing the baby’s room as soon as they moved into their new home so that it would be ready when the new family member was born.

In just four months, Mrs. Robinson had to give birth to a boy, her second child, in 4 months.

The Robinsons were animal lovers, but their landlord banned them from owning a dog because they lived in an apartment. They no longer wanted a dog, but at least a puppy.

The two wives took their 6-year-old son Matias to an animal shelter to choose a dog. They wanted a non-aggressive puppy that could grow up on the farm with the children.

After visiting the enclosures and hearing about some of the dogs’ tragic stories, they were hesitant about choosing the puppy.

As they left, they came across Benson, a 4-year-old pit bull. He came back to them, his tail between his legs, as if he had lost all faith in people.

The Robinson family inquired about Benson, and the animal shelter staff told them he had a truly terrible life.

After being used for dog fighting, he was abandoned on the streets, where volunteers found him.

Before being adopted by a couple, Benson spent some time at the dog shelter. However, after just two weeks, they returned Benson to the shelter claiming he had behavioral problems and was violent towards his owners.

Despite volunteers’ advice that Benson should not live with children, he was adopted.

Mr. Robinson asked for a chance for Benson. They eventually managed to get him home, although Benson didn’t like being on a leash, and even getting to the car was difficult.

At first, Benson was very suspicious, silent and isolated. But over time, Benson was able to adapt and bond with each member of the family, especially Matias.

When Mrs. Robinson gave birth, they brought the new baby home and introduced him to Benson.

He was taken to a nearby hospital, where doctors managed to resuscitate him. The doctor told the parents that if the baby had remained in cardiorespiratory arrest for more than 30 minutes, he would have died.

Benson gained fame and proved that nothing happens by chance. The Robinson family was the first to give Benson a chance, and Benson ultimately saved their baby’s life.

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