Talent Show: The girl’s dress flew off, and the judge fell in awe!

The format of the show, in which ordinary people showcase their talents and receive ratings from a panel of celebrities, is at the peak of popularity. Vocal auditions and dance performances, in particular, attract a wide audience.

The newcomers’ performances on the big stage are filled with emotions and uplift spirits. The choice of a song and the choreography of the dance become their business card, primarily evaluated by the audience sitting in the hall. The favorites of such shows are recognized for their vocal talents, acting skills, and a vibrant and memorable image. And each season reveals such talents.

Christina Ramos, 37 years old, whose performance is featured in the video, captivated everyone with her energy. She successfully passed the pre-selection in the Spanish talent show and performed the aria “Cantante” in the first round in front of the jury. Both the audience and the celebrity panel appreciated her beautiful lyrical voice. But that was just the beginning.

Pase de Oro! La ópera y el rock de Cristina | Audiciones 5 | Got Talent España 2016 | Opera singers, Singer, Music genius

Christina embarked on a bold experiment. She suddenly tore off her classic evening gown in the middle of the performance, transforming into a daring rock diva. The respectable aria was replaced by the popular AC/DC single “Highway to Hell.” The unexpected transformation shocked and delighted the audience. It’s worth watching.

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