She adopts a little girl: she discovers that the baby is the biological sister of her adopted son

For many people, having children is not just a project, but a lifelong dream. Many want to start a family, but finding the right partner to start this incredible journey with is not easy. Katie Page, a young woman who, after divorcing at age 30, discovered she had fertility problems, knows something about this.

For Katie, from Parker, Colorado, USA, being a mother was always her biggest wish and being single and over 30 was something that made her very unhappy. Feeling incomplete, she began to offer her availability to become a host family. “Life clearly didn’t turn out the way I had hoped and I felt pressured to become a mother in a non-traditional way,” she said. “The foster family experience was a small step towards motherhood that allowed me to contribute and see if I was really capable of doing everything on my own without another person around me. sides,” she added. Then, in May 2017, someone abandoned a baby boy at the hospital and Katie didn’t think twice: she immediately started the process of adopting Grayson.

About two years later, Katie decided to welcome another baby girl, just a few days old, named Hannah. When she met the child at the hospital, she noticed that the child’s biological mother’s last name on her ID bracelet was the same as Grayson’s and, upon speaking to social workers, she discovered that the child had an extremely similar situation to her son. Suspecting these strange coincidences, Katie gave the children a DNA test and discovered a surprising result: they were biological siblings.
“When I heard the news, I was speechless. I was extremely excited and grateful to have the opportunity to learn more about Grayson’s family and how he was born. I couldn’t think of a better gift in the world than being able to give my son a family member to grow up with,” Katie commented. Once again, she immediately filed the paperwork to turn little Hannah’s placement into a permanent adoption.

The adoption process for the two children was a bit complicated because there had never been a case like this in Katie’s home county, but thanks to the help of a few social workers and a good lawyer, everything went well and the little brothers and sisters will be able to grow up happily with their adoptive mother: “I was very worried about the outcome of the judgment, but ultimately everything went as we hoped. The social workers, my lawyer and I cried to celebrate the day Hannah was also part of our forever family,” Katie said.

Sometimes destiny finds incredible ways to make good people’s dreams come true and it must be said that with Katie and little Graysons and Hannah, it was quite creative!

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