Sad: Bruce Willis’ daughter shared never-before-seen photos of the actor: fans gave her their support

Hollywood legend and father Bruce Willis, 86, has been battling frontotemporal dementia for some time. According to the star’s loving daughter, Tallulah Willis, this form of dementia is as aggressive as it is rare.

Tallulah, like the rest of the family, tries to make the most of her time with her father in this sad situation. One of his ways is to search for and collect treasures and mementos from his father’s life.

Emma Hemming Willis admits it’s hard to say goodbye. Even though the Hollywood legend’s family is going through a tough time and witnessing the family patriarch’s struggle with his illness, they still try to find happy moments

Emma says her husband, who teaches his grandchildren about love, patience and perseverance, wants his family to find a way to enjoy life and not let the diagnosis destroy them.

Two days ago, Emma’s stepdaughter Tallulah shared precious photos of her and her father on social media. One showed a nostalgic photo of Bruce Willis on stage, while another showed Tallulah and her father very close together.

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