“Reason for gossiping”: Goldie Hawn, 77, has published photos from her vacation in a swimsuit.

“And Goldie Hawn, 77, gave netizens a reason to clap.”

The paparazzi took photos of Goldie in a swimsuit during her vacation, alarming the public.

Many Internet users believe that it is not appropriate for an older woman to appear in public in this way.

Hawn’s fans rushed to support her in the comments.

Internet users flooded the photos with numerous comments.

Some condemn Hawn for her seemingly inappropriate appearance as a 77-year-old woman, while others have no problem with people, even older people, wearing swimsuits.

What do you think about these photos and wearing swimsuits at this age? Many Internet users commented on the photos.

Some criticize Hawn for her supposedly indecent looks at age 77, while others have no problem with people, including older people, wearing swimsuits.


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