I ate, I eat and I will eat”: An issue in which stylists and clothes dressed a food lover.

I ate, I eat and I will eat”: 🧐😲 An issue in which stylists ideally dressed a food lover 👇👇👏👏😍 She became really slimmer and brighter. The heroine of the “Fashionable Sentence” issue was 33-year-old Valentina Volosnikova. She is single and gives all her love to her pet and delicious food. Valentina’s friends Alexey and Olga brought their friend for a fashion makeover in the hope that the stylists of the program would transform her life and bring new colors.
They say that Valentina is the soul of their company; it’s never boring with her. The heroine herself has a very peculiar character, often argued with the presenters of “Fashionable Sentence” and did her best to fight off any comments. Valentina does not consider her weight to be overweight and does not see it as a threat to her health.She’s a queen. The heroes of the show went to dress up Valentina to their liking. And they immediately did not please the girl with their first choice. The vertical stripe of a dress always helps to make a person look slimmer. But for Valentina this is not an argument. In the second set, the main character could only appreciate the white T-shirt and shoes of the same color.
But Valentina didn’t like the trouser suit, which by and large was not bad. The third exit finally pleased the heroine.Despite the fact that Valentina does not like the color red, she liked this dress. Next, professionals began to transform the heroine. The first exit was successful.Valentina noted that Her Majesty is now in a new guise.The stylists changed the hair color, lightened the hair with a new haircut, and the chosen outfit added femininity to the heroine. The second image turned out to be especially bright and dynamic. Valentina looks much slimmer in it, and her appearance has become more polished and well-groomed. The heroine liked the outfit.
The dress from the third exit completely melted the queen’s heart. Valentina showered compliments and accepted them from the program participants. Bright inserts on the dress look very advantageous and visually elongate the silhouette. The transformation was successful. Valentina now looks more feminine and well-groomed. All that remains is the most difficult stage – changing your attitude towards food and starting to eat right. P.S. Share your opinion in the comments.
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