‘House on the Prairie’ Star Melissa Sue Anderson Opens Up About Her Decision to Leave Hollywood for Canada

How many times has it happened that you think about an old show that you loved to watch and wonder what the actresses from so many years ago are up to?

See that many of us see “La casa de la pradera” and have founded ansiosos to see how the new adventure of the family lives in the grandmother of Plum Creek near Walnut Grove, Minnesota, the Encantaría saber que están haciendo los actors. dias.

All the fanatics looking for the actress who plays Maria Ingalls, the beautiful Melissa Sue Anderson, have agreed to follow part of their lives in the girls’ journeys, but she has other plans.

I made the decision to leave Hollywood and go to Canada.

This actress comes on her career as actress performer and papeleise and opens on the path of the world of show business when you meet in one of the central characters of “La casa de la pradera”.

Their action varies depending on the nominations Most of the main actors of a drama series and their fans say that they are merecía.

Halando’s Cinematic Experience is one of Anderson’s most famous dramas, all from 2010, in Pop Entertainment:

“I’m sure I have a personality for the interpreter, because in the book there’s not much of one. Laura [Ingalls, author of the Casa Pequeña novels in the series and the focus of the story] was a female mayor when she wrote the books.

Absorb the best of your life. The personalities of Madame and Maria don’t influence much.

I got a lot from Laura and Pa and Laura and Jack the dog and Laura and Sr. Edwards, but I didn’t get much from Mary. Tengo suerte de que hayan is described as an actuary”.

She tried her life in other minor places after Mary Ingalls, but in 1990, with the television producer Michael Sloan and in 2002 in Montreal with her Esposo and her two Hijos, with her daughter Piper and her son Griffin.

In 2007 the family was converted to ciudadana Canadiana and with the new surgical life of new compromises, that is why Anderson decided to leave the show business because he spent more time with his children and did not want that former presidents pursue careers in the news. .

Anderson wrote in an interview with E-Talk: “Really, I deal with it for a lot of time. It was a real time for the children to learn the idea of ​​rest in the world.

It was really so that the children had their own idea of ​​calm instead of estar conmigo”.

Without embargo, Anderson without actuary for complete papers, although it has suffered few in recent years.

The experience that came to life in the form of a series like “La casa de la pradera” animated a write-up of titled memories The way I see it: A look back at my life on Little House.


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