Does anyone know what this thing is? We’ve never had it before and I’ve never seen it!

“Given the constant changes in modern times (advances in technology, revolutionary developments in medicine and science, discoveries that change our perception of what we thought we knew about the past), it is not surprising that the The world today seems very different than it did when we were young.

One could say that we are living in the most progressive and transitional era in human history.

While it used to take centuries to implement new tools and technologies, things now seem to evolve and change in just a few months.

For people born decades ago, society must be very different than before. And I’m not just talking about how people treat each other, or the cost of houses, or the types of jobs that are available, but also about the devices and tools we use in everyday life…

In fact, it has become very popular to post items and household items online that were once common and have now become irrelevant.

You probably know what I’m talking about. Take, for example, a dowsing rod (there probably aren’t many people who would recognize one these days) or how about a hanger cover placed over wooden hangers to prevent items from falling?

Either way, we find another example of what today’s children would probably consider an ancient artifact, but which was once a staple in homes across the country.

Do you know which device is shown in the picture above? If you’re older, maybe you remember this from your childhood? If you know what it is, let us know in the comments.

For those unfamiliar with this “machine” (I use that term loosely), it was a precursor to today’s washing machines, known as a spin washer.

When you’re younger, washing clothes, linens, and towels was always a simple process that didn’t require significant intellectual capacity or energy.

Simply fill the machine, add the necessary powder or liquid and press a button or turn a dial. Right?

However, as with most modern conveniences, the road to this simple luxury was long and full of twists and turns.

There was a time when doing laundry was a definitely different experience that involved soaking, beating, cleaning and rinsing the dirty fabrics.

Additionally, fetching water was a process with many steps: carrying it by hand in a bucket, heating it over the fire to warm it, and then pouring it into the sink.

Apparently just one tub of water meant things got dirty pretty quickly, while another step was required to remove the water and soap scum from the washed laundry.

Given all these factors, it’s no wonder that back then, doing laundry could take a few hours!

Have you ever seen a spin washer? Let us know if that’s the case in the comments.”


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