Celebrating Tradition and Community

A Dairy Queen restaurant in the charming town of Kewaskum, Wisconsin has been making waves on the internet. The reason? A sign proudly displayed on its front window, declaring the establishment’s “political incorrectness.” But what does it actually mean?

The sign is a cheerful celebration of holiday greetings like “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Easter,” and “God Bless America.” It’s a way for the restaurant to embrace the traditions valued by many in the local community. In addition to spreading holiday cheer, the sign also shows appreciation for veterans by offering them complimentary sundaes and expressing gratitude for their service.The owner of the restaurant, Kevin Scheunemann, explains that the sign was put up almost four years ago to be transparent about their dedication to serving God and the country. It was in response to a customer complaint about Christian music being played in the restaurant. Since then, the sign has caused no further issues.

Recently, a tourist from Oregon posted a picture of the sign on Facebook, expressing concerns about its alleged exclusivity. It sparked a lot of attention before the post was eventually taken down. While some people support the message on the sign, others have taken offense and voiced their opinions. However, local business owners defend Scheunemann’s decision, stating that customers are free to leave if they disagree with the restaurant’s principles.It’s important to note that Dairy Queen, as a company, has made it clear that Scheunemann’s approach is not endorsed by them. In their official statement, they emphasize that all franchisees and staff members are obligated to treat customers with respect and decency, regardless of their religious beliefs.The residents of Kewaskum, however, view the sign as a reflection of the owner’s beliefs and readily accept it. Whether you agree with the sign’s message or not, it’s a reminder that we all cherish different traditions and beliefs, and it’s the people who make a community diverse and vibrant.

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