Burning a clove of garlic, what happens after 15 minutes at home

That garlic benefits the body is nothing new, but what happens if you burn a clove for 15 minutes is truly incredible. 

We have known since Antiquity that  garlic  brings excellent benefits, particularly to our body. There are those who eat it raw, precisely because it is good for their health. In addition to this, there are also customs and beliefs that burning garlic at home has other  benefits. Here’s what we’re talking about.


There are customs and beliefs that date back to very ancient times. Many years ago, we were looking for natural products that could act as obviously natural ingredients and medicines. Indeed, for centuries, many populations have been able to use these  ingredients  for medicinal and social purposes, for example.

Homemade garlic

The use of garlic is also ancient  as  it has been discovered to have many properties and can be used for different purposes and purposes. Among many others, we can cite medical, health and aesthetic care, the results of which have always been very visible. There are even populations who  consume it  raw, as it is said to be very good for those who suffer from blood pressure.

Let’s put  aside the question of medicine for a moment. Once upon a time, all the medications available in pharmacies did not exist, not even the most common ones because they arrived much later. So at that time we adapted to what was found in nature and, once its effectiveness was tested, it became the  natural remedy  for all problems.

Various Uses of Garlic

As mentioned so far, garlic has various properties and  benefits  for the body and our health. First of all, it is an excellent natural antifungal and antibiotic because it is rich in a property called allicin which acts as an  antibacterial  and allows our body to fight against the proliferation of bacteria. But not only. It is excellent for fungus prevention.

Burning garlic

The ease is also excellent for  fighting viruses  and seasonal ailments. In this case, it is not only popular belief that comes into play, but also science. In fact, some scientists claim that garlic works against the spread of certain viruses and although there is not 100% proof as research is still ongoing, some are firmly convinced that it has a great antiviral property.

In fact, it is not uncommon to hear grandmothers say that to avoid contracting the flu or the classic cold, all you need to do is eat garlic. Garlic is also used for  cholesterol and blood pressure  . Concretely, as we well know, over the years, bad cholesterol could clog the walls of the arteries and this means that everything must be done to avoid this.

In this case, garlic has  incredible properties  that lower the LDL level in our body. But almost all of us know that it is often consumed to lower blood pressure and make it much less dense. Finally, garlic is important for beautiful and healthy skin. Although it is a very popular ingredient in cooking, it is known to have excellent  aesthetic and healthy properties  .

In fact, it is composed of starchy and mucilaginous elements and these characteristics are important to prevent the  proliferation of  skin acne. Finally, it has a great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property that helps heal the kidneys and liver. But now let’s move on to the subject that interests us: why burn garlic at home?

What Happens If We Burn Garlic At Home

As we have said so far, garlic has many properties and helps the organism and the body in many ways. In fact, the important part of garlic is the  extracts  which are also found among herbalists. If everything we have said is known to everyone, there is a  practice  that is not.

In fact, we are talking about  burning  a clove of garlic at home and after just a short time the benefits will be incredible. In reality, we are not talking about burning in the literal sense, but simply toasting it. A first use is against toothache. In fact, after having darkened it slightly, it is important to peel the remaining skin with your teeth and this is an excellent  remedy for pain  .

But not only. There are some beliefs that burning garlic at home can help ward off  bad luck  and ensure well-being of the body.

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