A farmer finds a giant egg, but what was inside was even more perplexing

A farmer found a huge egg under a hen – when he saw what hatched from it, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Who doesn’t love eggs for breakfast? Whether you like them scrambled, poached, or even sunny-side-up, eggs are the best way to kickstart your day in a healthy manner. They give us the energy we need and make a perfect combo with cheese, tomatoes, and bacon.

Although it’s unusual, it can happen that some eggs have two yolks. Do you remember coming across an egg like that? Even if you do, there’s a Texan farmer who can boast of something much cooler than a double-yolked egg. And that’s a double egg. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, take a look at this incredible story.

Double-shelled eggs are so rare that even though there are videos of people opening them, many still believe they are not real.

The process occurs when “an egg that is almost ready to be laid changes direction and gets a new layer of albumen covered by a second shell,” reports Poultry Help.

According to Countryside Network, the process that causes the egg to invert is called “contraction against peristalsis.”

However, there is this YouTube video of a man describing himself as “just an old Texas farmer enjoying nature” discovering a huge egg laid by a medium-sized hen. The video was uploaded in July 2015 and has been viewed over 3 million times to date.

The farmer starts tapping the egg and makes a small crack in the shell. He then peels off a small part, and we can clearly see the yolk.

“Oh, I see another surprise!” he says with a little laugh.

“A double egger!”


The farmer slowly pours the yolk out of the shell until only the inner egg remains. He says, “No double yolks, that’s for the weak. We’ve got double eggs!”

The second egg inside the large one is of normal size. He cracks that one too, and it’s just a regular egg, like the ones we buy at the grocery store.

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