A cat drives 12 miles to find the family that abandoned him

Little Tobnb traveled 19 km in search of his family and his family, who reacted in the worst possible way and took him to an animal shelter for euthanasia.

In February, the family of this cat named Tob Graffi brought him to a new home. He had no idea why he was forced to leave his family, but he missed them too much. So Tobnb decided to escape, and after walking 12 miles to his old family’s house, he arrived at your door instead of being greeted and received an extremely sad response.

Tara L. Nevrnn, communications director at the Amsterdam count, told The Dodo:

They took him to an animal shelter and asked them to put him down. It was so heartbreaking to know he was back with his family and this was her response.

The shelter refused to practice euthanasia and contacted the SPCA, who immediately welcomed him. The SPCA began providing him with the necessary medical care to prepare him for a new home.

Tara said:

He tested positive for feline immunodeficiency virus and also had an upper respiratory tract infection. We cured the infection, which took a while.Without his family, Tob ⑤ was immediately tied to the shelter staff.Tara said:

It was very friendly. He is the typical sweet cat who wants to be loved and loves you.

As soon as the rescue group posted Tob Amsterdams’ story on social media, the calls started coming. Michele Puckett of Raleigh, North Carolina rushed to the shelter to meet him and the rest is history.TOB ①oue

Tara said

He had no concerns. He had a job and left everything to come here.

Luckily, Tob ⑤ was officially adopted last Friday and it didn’t take long to settle right into the family. In addition to two new siblings to play with, Tob ⑤ has two new human brothers and sisters.

He is so sweet, cuddly and loving. He also took possession of our bed as if he had lived here the whole time. He loves to relax and lie under our pillows.


Seeing how comfortable Tobnb is with his family, Michele can’t help but think of the sad fate his previous owners chose for him.

Michele said:

It’s really hard to understand how someone could let it die like that. It’s shocking but we are so grateful it was saved.

Tara feels the same way and hopes that Tob Acryms’ story can help make a difference for other pets and that they can find a second chance through rescue groups, just like he did.

Tob0 accepted

Tara said:

There are tons of pets that can easily be discarded by households or breeders. I really hope it inspires others to adopt.



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