Why you should burn bay leaves in your home

Laurel leaves have been used as a medicinal plant for thousands of years, with the ancient Greeks and Romans considering this herb sacred.

It is known that winners of the Olympiad wore a laurel crown on their heads, and the symbolic meaning of this mythical plant was honor and glory. All these qualities attributed to this plant reveal that laurel was very important to our ancestors. It turns out there is a reason for this.

Although we primarily use it as a spice, the healing properties of laurel leaves are known to us, and the main active substances in this plant are the soothing oils pinene and cineol.

The psychoactive effects of laurel have been described in many myths and legends, the most famous being the Oracle of Delphi, where they chewed laurel leaves to see the future.

The essential oils and other active substances in laurel have a soothing effect, and all you have to do is light a single leaf in an ashtray, leave the room, and come back after 10 minutes. The room will be filled with fragrances that will have a relaxing and soothing effect on all family members.

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As a medicinal plant, laurel leaves act as an antirheumatic, antiseptic, bactericidal, diuretic, sedative, and antioxidant. It has a positive effect on mood. At the same time, the leaves and berries are also effective in treating hysteria, neurasthenia, flu, and stomach issues.

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