The plant aphids will disappear forever with this powder – spread it now. Details in the first comment

If you want to get rid of plant aphids, you need to use this powder. Simply sprinkle it to eliminate them completely. Below, you will discover the natural product you should use.

Plant aphids often attack plants. These insects attach themselves by sucking the sap. However, in sustaining themselves, they endanger the life of your plant, which can be affected and lose its health. In fact, aphids persist until the plant dies.

Pucerons des plantes

They are very small, and it is sometimes challenging to identify them. It is precisely for this reason that it is often impossible to intervene in time. Plant infestation can then be rapid, making it crucial to prevent plants from being attacked by this tiny insect.

Aphids on plants However, there is, in fact, a natural ingredient you can use that does not harm the health of your plant. You might also consider using it as a protective measure before aphids arrive. It is a powder that you may already have in your kitchen. Here is how to get rid of plant aphids.

Goodbye plant aphids: this ingredient is all you need As mentioned, aphids can infest plants and cause them to die, but it is possible to intervene beforehand. The method we propose today is genuinely effective not only for aphids but also for controlling parasites, bedbugs, and beetles. You can prepare this mixture immediately without spending any money.

What you need is chili powder. It contains capsaicin, an alkaloid that acts as an insecticide. This is why this powder is very effective in repelling and killing pests and aphids that come into contact with the plant. Now, let’s see how you should use it.

Chili powder All you have to do is take a liter of warm water and add half a teaspoon of chili powder. Mix these two until the powder is completely dissolved. Then add a few drops of mild natural soap so that the product adheres better to the plants.

Poudre de chili

Once you have mixed it well, let this solution rest for 48 hours. After the two days have passed, filter the solution. You can use it as is or diluted in additional water. If it’s your first time, it’s better to opt for the second solution because this concentrate is very strong. Spray it when the plant needs it.

Other remedies against these pests There are also other remedies to eliminate plant aphids naturally. In fact, as an alternative to chili powder, you can use these products:

Autres remèdes contre les pucerons

Neem Oil: It is a natural insecticide that can be applied to plants. It will disinfect the plant and kill aphids, preventing them from spreading. Marseille Soap: Using a mixture of water and soap and spraying it on the plant’s leaves will kill these pests and prevent their spread. Other remedies against aphids Onion: Prepare an onion decoction with 500 ml of water and the peels of two onions. Let it cool, then filter and spray the resulting solution on plants. Finally, there is garlic, a bunch of garlic cloves in the plant halfway between the pot and the plant stem. This works as a pesticide.

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