We are revealing an absurd method that few people knew about. Just bury 7 onions, and you will have them forever. You won’t have to buy them at the supermarket anymore because they will never be missing from your table, and you can always enjoy them.

Oignon enterré

Buried Onion This unexpected practice will help you grow something you might not have thought could be so useful. On certain days, it may prove to be your salvation and assurance, especially when you don’t have the money or time to go shopping.

BURY 7 ONIONS AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS After explaining why using onions on the car windshield, today we show you why burying 7 onions can result in something absurd. As inflation in Italy continues to rise, many people are looking for alternatives to save money. Those fortunate enough to own a garden or even a small balcony with a bit of space to grow their own plants are trying various methods to cultivate their fruits and vegetables to minimize supermarket costs.

Today, we present a truly revolutionary method that involves burying only seven onions to obtain a product that will remain on your table forever. Just get seven onions and plant them in your garden or a sufficiently large pot. Add soil and any type of fertilizer you usually use to promote plant growth, and water them as usual.

Onion Stalks Cover them with a perforated plastic lid to maintain a humid climate while allowing your onions to grow. Once done, after a few weeks, you’ll notice that the onion stalks have grown disproportionately. Now is the time to harvest them.

Grow Onion Stalks and Use Them Without even realizing it, you will have grown onion stalks, and now you can use them in various recipes for many purposes. Some of the most famous recipes involve frying onion stalks with egg and cheese to create a simple omelet. In fact, onion stalks contain numerous nutrients perfect for improving health.

Tiges d'oignon

According to some experts, this bulb has significant diuretic properties due to the high water content. Additionally, it acts as an emollient and decongestant and has excellent purifying properties, helping eliminate nitrites and nitrates.

Faire pousser des tiges d'oignon

Growing Onion Stalks Many people also use it as an antibacterial, especially for urinary tract infections, and it reportedly has significant effects on blood sugar and circulatory system health. In any case, before using onion stalks for medical and healing purposes, we recommend consulting your doctor, who will provide detailed information. However, if you simply want to use it in your diet, many people recommend it, and even in this case, we advise consulting your doctor beforehand.


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