How to use this strange tool in your kitchen

Start your day with the comfort of a soft-boiled egg, whose creamy yolk invites you to dip it into your toast. This simple pleasure can be achieved without any problems with an ingenious device: the egg slicer.

Another device that will also make your life easier is the  egg cutter . Its operation consists of putting the already cooked egg into the device and it will come out laminated with a simple movement. It is very similar to fruit cutters and how it works too. They usually come with different templates so you can get the type of cut that best suits what you need.

An owner’s chance find at a garage sale, initially mistaken for a cigar cutter, turned out to be this very tool. An egg cutter is ingeniously designed to carefully open soft-boiled eggs, maintaining the integrity of the delicate yolk and white.

Here is a quick guide on using an egg cutter:

Teppanyaki is one of the essential tools in many kitchens. This Japanese griddle or grill has travelled far beyond the borders of the Asian country to present itself as an effective cooking technique. It is a  versatile element  that preserves the  flavour  of food and contributes to a  healthier diet , so all that remains is to assimilate it as another tool in the kitchen and delve a little deeper into its world of possibilities.

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