How to grow avocados at home for an endless supply

Growing avocados at home is simple and affordable for everyone. We start with a large seed found inside the fruit, and with the help of stakes, we can grow a small tree that, if we’re lucky, may bear fruit in the future. Below, we explain how to proceed.

Simply give us an avocado, from which we need to take the large central seed. Once well-washed, apply three or four stakes in a cross shape, as shown in the photo. The idea is to place it in the jar without completely submerging it.

The avocado seed should be placed in a glass filled with water and put in a very bright corner of the house. Wait for the roots to sprout, which usually takes two to four weeks (depending on light and temperature). The root should reach a length of 10 centimeters.

Once this length is reached, remove the stakes and water, and transplant the avocado into a pot filled with universal soil. It will take about a month to develop the first leaves.

The avocado should be transplanted into the ground in spring. It needs a lot of water, to be poured each time the surface of the soil becomes dry. Organic fertilizer can be added to optimize results.

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It takes about 6 years for the avocado to bear fruit. It requires a lot of patience, but the results will be satisfying.

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