Young boy helps dad to keep his newborn twin siblings warm in viral photo

The photo depicts a heartwarming scene of a 5-year-old boy helping his father with the “skin to skin” method for premature twin sisters. Originally shared on the Danish Facebook page “Parents and Birth in Denmark” around three years ago, the image has recently gained new momentum.

Skin-to-skin care, also known as kangaroo care, involves placing premature babies on their parents’ bare chests to provide warmth and comfort. This practice has proven beneficial, especially for premature babies, as it has a sedative effect, reducing painful reactions. Research from the National Institute of Health shows that this technique effectively reduces pain in premature babies.

Scandinavian maternity hospitals have adopted this method, resulting in a remarkable increase in the survival rate of premature babies from 30% to 70%. The shared image captures a powerful moment where a father holds a newborn to his chest while the 5-year-old cradles the second twin, creating a peaceful, bonding experience for the entire family.

The photo gained attention for its simplicity and effectiveness in the healing and development of premature babies. Accompanying text from Swedish professor Uwe Ewald explains the benefits of skin-to-skin contact, highlighting improved breathing, calmness and faster weight gain for babies. The method also reduces the risk of serious infections.

The image is a touching depiction of the positive impact of skin-to-skin care on premature babies and their families. It resonates with viewers, highlighting the beauty and importance of such a simple yet effective technique for newborns at critical stages of development.

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