Transformation into Barbie: Woman undergoes 43 surgeries and spends thousands of euros.

Everyone has a dream in their head. Sometimes it’s something we really want, but think it’s unattainable, so we don’t even try to make it happen, and just travel in our imagination. But sometimes it’s our dream that gets us up in the morning, and we keep moving in the direction we think we can achieve.

Dahlia Na’im, a 29-year-old Iraqi, loves the idea of ​​external beauty. She underwent more than 40 cosmetic surgeries to change her appearance.

Жительница Ирака сделала 43 операции, чтобы стать похожей на Барби: фото до и после

Her nose, cheeks, lips, chin, and even breasts were repeatedly “retouched” to give her a unique look. She looks like the famous Barbie doll. These surgeries, costing 57,000 euros, completely transformed her to the point where she became unrecognizable. Dahlia is an incredibly successful TV presenter, actress, and influential figure with over 900,000 followers on Instagram.

Далия Наим сделала больше 40 пластический операций, чтобы превратиться в Барби (6 фото) » Триникси

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