This girl has now lost almost four times her weight: minus 200 kilograms, and she is no longer recognizable

The girl recounts that she loved to eat from childhood and never hesitated to ask for more.

You know, it often happens that a person constantly complains about excess weight, but does absolutely nothing to get rid of it, and simply continues to sit on the couch and munch on sandwiches.

This is exactly what happened to today’s heroine named Nikki Webster, and when she started having problems with classmates at school, she turned to sweets to relieve stress.

However, her parents believed it was temporary, and the girl would grow up, her hormonal balance would change, and everything would be fine. But that didn’t happen. At 34, Nikki’s weight reached almost 300 kilograms!

She sought help from the program ‘I Weigh 300 Kilograms,’ where professionals help participants lose excess weight. She was offered a stomach reduction surgery, but she needed to lose at least 20 kilograms for it.

Exactly 3 months passed. Nikki was very worried that after the surgery she would not lose her appetite and would start gaining back the lost weight. But working with psychologists and dietary discipline led her to lose 100 kilograms and engage in physical activities.

To this day, Nikki Webster is unrecognizable. She now weighs 90 kilograms, but that’s not the limit. She eats well and doesn’t hesitate to work out in the gym.

Such a transformation not only boosted her self-confidence and improved her health but also helped her establish a personal life. Nikki has a loving husband and many plans for a bright future.

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