They used to mock the boy for his resemblance to Jackson… Now he’s a spitting image of the star.

Fabio Jackson, a well-known blogger with an audience of 11 million, astounds with his striking resemblance to the legendary star. It’s hard to believe that the Jacksons aren’t actually blood brothers.

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While there’s no confirmed information, many are convinced that the blogger has visited plastic surgeons multiple times. It’s believed that this has helped him achieve such facial features. However, according to Fabio, he has never undergone any surgical procedures.

Recently, the Michael lookalike shared an archival photo, revealing what he looked like as a child. He recounted facing numerous taunts about his appearance. Classmates used to laugh at his resemblance to the artist, which eventually brought him fame. Now, many who mocked Fabio would dream of being in his shoes.

The blogger doesn’t hide his sincere respect for the late artist and deliberately adheres to his style, with no intention of abandoning his persona.

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