They discovered an abandoned mansion valued at $10.5 million. What they found inside is astonishing.

Two urban explorers reported finding a 30,000-square-foot mansion that was abandoned but still filled with expensive furniture.Jeremy Abbott and BigBankz explored the allegedly haunted house with 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, all of which was captured on camera.”The man who built this mansion was very successful; he graduated from one of the top medical schools in the country. He became a surgeon, a father of four, and even an amateur pilot,” explained Abbott, known as JeremyXplores.


For privacy reasons, he did not share details about the mega-mansion’s location or the identities of the family.According to him, this man supposedly ran nearby medical facilities and spent $10.5 million to create a paradise for his family in 2006.However, the father and one of his sons apparently died in a plane crash while the house was still under construction.His wife and three surviving children were left destitute, as he had apparently failed to pay the life insurance premium before his death.According to YouTube users, the family still owed $8 million on the mansion and was paying $50,000 per month, so the surviving family members were evicted.

According to BigBankz, a “foreigner” owned the house until 2015, when he allegedly returned to his home country and stopped paying property taxes.Abbott stated that the mansion, which features a mahogany library, an elevator, a mahogany bar, an indoor pool, an outdoor sports complex, a four-car garage, and another indoor pool, was left with expensive items inside.A Land Rover, a Mercedes-Benz, and a Volkswagen Beetle were found.In the living room, there is a Christmas tree at least 12 feet tall with a few decorations, and the refrigerator contains empty water bottles. According to the explorers, a homeless person “ran out the window” when they arrived.”The strangest things I found inside were not luxury cars, fancy furniture, or even flat-screen TVs,” Abbott said. “What seemed so strange to me that it was inside were small items like designer clothes with tags, or Dior shoes in the closet, or maybe jewelry and a bunch of expensive cosmetics in the bathroom.”

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