The young man suffers from werewolf syndrome, and his face is completely covered in hair.

Here is the story of a young man who struggles with a very rare physical condition that has plagued him his entire life. Lalit Patidar is a young man living in the village of Nandletha in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh and has become famous for his appearance. The photos he posts on his social media accounts speak for themselves. His entire body is covered in hair, including his face. This feature has made him unique, but unfortunately, it has also caused problems. Our protagonist suffers from a highly rare condition called hypertrichosis, or werewolf syndrome, characterized by excessive hair growth since childhood.

Hypertrichosis is a condition that affects one in 340,000 people worldwide, meaning only 50 people in the entire universe suffer from it. While this condition makes them unique, it also poses many social challenges.

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