The owners gave this old, dreary place an amazing transformation, turning it into a stylish and minimalist apartment

Nobody believes this is the same house!

The family spent $6000 and transformed a dilapidated house into a modern apartment!

See photos of the end result in this article!

Today’s article is about a young family determined to radically transform their ugly old apartment with ‘Grandma’s renovation,’ which left much to be desired in its dreary appearance. It seemed completely uninhabitable and was literally an eyesore for the couple.

They started with the kitchen. Originally, the space had no proper setup, so the family first ordered a corner kitchen. Ample space significantly eased storage and the cooking process. Tiles in beige shades were laid.

The family bought a new table and chairs. Above them, a lamp with a silver shade was hung. Their shades perfectly fit into the special atmosphere. As for the hallway leading from the kitchen to the living spaces, it also underwent significant changes.

The owners considered demolishing the outdated false ceilings. Instead, they created a stylish wardrobe. The living room has changed beyond recognition. They ordered new modern furniture that makes the apartment more inviting.

The bathroom was the one that urgently needed renovation. Its dreary appearance left much to be desired. Tiles in light shades were chosen, complementing the interior and decor well.

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