“The husband is much more handsome than the wife.” Here’s what the wife of the world’s most handsome Arab looks like.

This man is named Omar Borkan Al Gala. He is from Iraq. The unprecedented beauty of the poet and model is talked about in almost every country. Every other girl, seeing Omar’s photos, falls in love with him at first sight. And many were curious to know if the handsome man’s heart was free. As it turned out, no.

The star has an official wife, whom Omar’s fans do not love, considering that Yasmin is not worthy of such a man. According to some network users, the handsome man’s lawful wife is quite simple and unremarkable compared to her partner.

But the spouses don’t care about gossip and discussions: they continue to live, love, and thrive. By the way, the couple recently had a son.

“She’s probably rich,” “Not worthy of her husband,” “Happiness to your family,”

“They won’t live together for long,” “But the husband is much more handsome,” “Plain Jane,” “How simple,” “The plastic surgeon did a good job,” – write on the network.

What do you think of this couple?

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