Several residents of a Dutch village reported something unusual at a neighbor’s house to the authorities

Several residents of a Dutch village alerted the authorities after having suspicions about a neighbor’s house. I would have never guessed it would turn into a story involving drugs, police, and prison!

To be more specific, there was a period of heavy snowfall, and the snow cover formed and increased, but not a single snowflake “stuck” to a particular area of the house’s roof, raising suspicions of wrongdoing.

The police who intervened at the scene confirmed the accuracy of their training when they discovered a thriving business, specifically a cannabis cultivation inside. The heat used to grow the plants prevented the snow from sticking to the roof, causing it to melt almost instantly.

The police in the Netherlands carry out massive arrests of people cultivating cannabis when the melting snow reveals their secret.

Drug traffickers in the Netherlands discover that the absence of snow on their roof poses a surprising obstacle.

The building owner faces many years of imprisonment for cultivating cannabis at home. Although the consumption of marijuana is tolerated at a personal level in the Netherlands, residents are limited to growing no more than five plants at home.

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