Photographer takes a picture of a lizard while it sunbathes

The image shows a lizard in a peculiar pose.
Yan Hidayat is the name of the artist who is captivated by the nature of reptiles. His vocation is such that he does not wait long for his lens to capture the image of a beautiful creature.

During one of these routines, he was able to portray a lizard in a very particular pose. It is as if the reptile were resting or meditating under the shelter of the sun. The location of the improvised model was Hidayat’s yard.

The Indonesian photographer is keen to change the general perception of reptiles. He sees them as spectacular species.

In the midst of these long days of stealthily searching for the best shot, he has also come across peculiar insects that have participated in the photograph in question.

The artist admits that in some shots he has had to manipulate the scenery to get the shot just right. Even so, it requires a bit of luck to find the right moment to click.

Yan has received outstanding recognition in this regard, to the point that he has served as a reference for artists who are fixated on this type of animal.

“I’ve been in the photography world for a long time. I’ve been doing this for about 12 years,” the award-winning photographer told a social media outlet.

Just as some people get excited when they see a puppy playing around, Yan Hidayat feels the same way about reptiles and insects.

“To each his own” the Indonesian photographer would say in his brilliant mind.

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