Only at 80 years old did this grandmother finally decide to renovate her old apartment and the result is excellent.

When this grandmother was asked to renovate her apartment, she always said that she didn’t have much time to live. She lost her husband shortly after her 50th birthday.

Grandma may not live long, but for now she’s enjoying life․ She walks with her friends and goes shopping. For 15 years we have all tried to convince her to do renovations, but she always says that she wants the house to remain as it was during her husband’s time. She finally agreed to renovate the house.

First we renovated the kitchen to make it bright and comfortable, then we organized the bathroom. Then they suggested that the grandmother at the same time accept beautiful ceilings and lay at least fresh linoleum. We bought new furniture and replaced the one she once hung with her grandfather. The walls were then plastered and covered with a coat of primer.

After such work, we had to remove all the garbage from the apartment. We check the wiring and move the switches to a convenient location.

And here’s the fun part! Grandma decided to leave the old furniture in the house in memory of her grandfather, but it’s a good thing she accepted a new sofa! Now, of course, grandma will feel better.


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