Oh, that smile. This little model with Down syndrome has become famous thanks to her irresistible smile

Connie-Rose Seaborn, a 2.3-month-old English girl with Down syndrome, has always received compliments from her mother, Julia, for her irresistible smile. After being advised to approach a modeling agency, she embarked on this adventure.

“We have friends with children with Down syndrome, and we have only had a positive experience interacting with these children.”

Today, Connie has two different contracts, and she is quickly becoming a very popular child model, following in the footsteps of Madeline Stuart, an 18-year-old young model who also has Down syndrome.

The mischievous smile of two-year-old Rose always earned compliments from her mother’s friends, who suggested she enter the modeling business.

“When I was pregnant, I was warned that I had a higher chance than average of having a child with Down syndrome, and I could take a test to find out what it really was, but I refused because it wasn’t there. The problem was actually within me.”

“There are so many people here willing to help us that it’s no longer a problem. She’s just another child waiting for love.”

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