Never throw away the water in which you boiled the eggs… you would be surprised to know what it’s good for

Recently, several studies have been conducted, after which specialists have concluded that the water in which you boiled the egg should not be poured away.

Proprieties of Water after Boiling Eggs

Eggshells are composed of 90% calcium carbonate. Additionally, they contain 27 additional elements, including phosphorus, zinc, silicon, and fluorine.

During the boiling of eggs, the water becomes filled with calcium ions and other trace elements.

This property of water after boiling eggs is particularly important for all flower growers. This water enables flowers to grow 10 times faster.

Moreover, seeds soaked in such water grow better, and the flowers become more resistant to pests and diseases.

How to use the water after boiling eggs: | Այսքան ժամանակ դուք սխալ եք խաշել ձվերը. անպայման սրանից կաթացրեք ջրի մեջ

After boiling the egg, wait for the water to cool down and use it to water the leaves or flowers. You will easily notice which flowers lack calcium. The leaves of these flowers are dry and show brown spots.

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