My husband decided to leave me on my wedding night.

Lana, one of our readers, had a shocking revelation on her wedding night that made her reconsider her recent marriage. Lana was furious when she discovered what her new husband had planned for her big night and asked for advice.

After our guests left the reception, my fiancé and I headed to our hotel room for our first night as a married couple. Upon entering, he realized that he had forgotten something in the hallway and went to look for it.

Thirty minutes passed and he did not return; I got worried and started looking for him. Finally, I found him in reception, chatting with his childhood best friend, Dylan.My friend apologized and explained that he wanted to call me but had left his phone in the room. To my surprise, he added, “Do you mind if I go out with him tonight? We are both very tired from the party and it would be a relaxing evening. Of course, you are welcome to join us.

Hurt that I meant nothing to him and that he was prioritizing his friend over our special night, I left him alone at the hotel and didn’t return home.

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