Managed to lose 238 kg… See what Christina, who weighed 321 kg at the age of 20, looks like now.

This girl’s name is Christina, and at the age of 20, she weighed over 300 kilograms! According to the heroine of our story, her body tended to gain weight. When she got married, she weighed exactly 321 kilograms. Her husband seemed to deliberately feed her sweets and carbohydrates. But one day, the girl decided that she didn’t want to continue like this.

Brave Christina decided to reach out to a well-known TV show that helped people lose weight. Thanks to this, she shed 238 kilograms.

When the filming for the TV channel ended, Christina withdrew into privacy, but viewers who had been following her life were curious to know how she was living and what she looked like now.

It turned out that the heroine had separated from her husband, entered into new relationships, and gave birth to her first child.

In the transformed beauty, it’s hard to recognize the Christina from before.

The girl literally radiates positivity. Obviously, she made the right decision at some point! Her radiant smile speaks volumes.

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