Looking at the angelic beauty of this girl, it’s hard to imagine that she has such a figure

The beauty of this unique girl is not what it seems at first glance.

Looking at Julia’s angelic smile, you might think she’s just a beautiful girl – nothing more. But beauty is not all that it seems at first glance.

Vince has always been involved in sports – powerlifting. You can see photos from her workouts on her Instagram page.

She was called ‘Muscle Barbie.’

This year, the girl turns 25, she’s from Engels, near Saratov. In her childhood, she didn’t want to engage in sports as she preferred music.

When she turned 15, she wanted to get in shape. At that time, she was so weak and skinny that she wanted to become a bit stronger. She was advised to take up powerlifting.

Gradually, the girl’s body began to change. And she liked these changes. Her parents were happy to find out that their daughter had a hobby.

At first, Julia worked independently. She just wanted to change. Then it became clear that she needed someone to train with. Her coach turned out to be a professional powerlifter.

She worked so hard that only a few months later she could compete. After the first good result, Julia believed in herself and started training more.

7 years ago, Vince achieved a significant victory. She participated in the world championship and won in her weight category.

Julia has been involved in sports for eight years now. She has grown and turned into a real beauty.

Today, Vince is not only involved in sports. She has her own business. The girl created her own website to help newcomers. She will tell you how you can change and what you need to do to achieve it. Vince earns money from her cafe, which opened not long ago.

It’s hard to believe that eight years ago, Julia was shy about her appearance. Today, her body raises many questions. Some admire Julia’s willpower. There are those who don’t understand why the girl has such muscles.

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